What we do:

Salient Events is an EDM promotion and events company bringing current and upcoming artist closer to you. We are dedicated to giving party-goers everywhere a hell of an experience.

When you come to a Salient Events party:

  • You enjoy a show like none you’ve ever seen
  • You dance the night away under the sounds of the best artists
  • Hassle free partying, immaculate organization, easy ticket check-out

At Salient Events we strive to provide lifelong memories and unforgettable experiences. Though we are starting with EDM, we are looking forward to branching off to other genres.


How we got here:

We’ve always been active party goers and as such, we can appreciate a good event. Our love for music and appreciation of great artists inspired us to create Salient Events.

The company name SALIENT came to us through an article from the Scientific American Mind Magazine. We don’t just believe – we know for sure that the music can make you forget all your troubles and feel like a giant – so the beat is salient.

Our attention to detail and passion for what we do make our parties exclusive and we are quickly starting to develop a core audience. If you want to be certain you’ll have a great night, you’re in the right place.


How we can work together:

It’s simple – we throw parties, you come and enjoy them.  We also provide a user-friendly way for you to buy tickets online.

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Let us show you a world where dreams come true. Are you ready for something new, Minneapolis?